1. The pies must be all your own work (but see rule 2)
  2. You may use your own or shop-bought pastry; be warned though, home-made pastry is usually MUCH better!
  3. Pie FILLINGS must be your own work (but see note 1 below)
  4. Please include a list of ingredients, including any potential allergens (nuts etc)
  5. Entered pies must be with the judges by 10am on the day of the competition – details to follow.



All of the common types of pastry are allowed; shortcrust, puff, or flaky or even a combination (e.g. Puff or Flaky on top with a shortcrust base)

Pie Sizes:

For the main categories (excluding Freestyle) you can use tin foil pie dishes, either round or oblong, or any pie tin or dish of around these sizes. Round may be up to 6″ (15cm) in diameter; oblong up to 4″ by 6″ (10cm x 15cm). Nobody will be disqualified if pies are over or undersized by an inch or so, Freestyle pies can be any size or shape. A number of shops in Barnoldswick sell appropriate foil tins, including the Co-op and Shambles.


Meat should be lean and free from gristle or sinew, and preferably sourced from your own local butcher.

Corned Beef is another potential ingredient that ought to be sourced locally, rather than from a tin. Again, if you want to include kidney or liver, it should be free of “tubes” and the like!

Vegetables? Well, you have a virtually free hand here, but do bear in mind when we’re judging meat pies, anything that detracts excessively could lose you valuable points.

Note 1: Shop-bought pie fillings are not allowed, but creative use of ingredients such as condensed soup is permissible. To give a little hint, the judges generally prefer home-made from scratch!


While the look of the pie obviously doesn’t affect the taste, it helps if it looks appetising. As well as tasting your submissions the judges will look at presentation (including a nice shape), no spill, even and neat crimping* of the edges, and a pie that’s evenly baked. All will affect overall scoring to a certain extent, but of course taste and texture will be top of the list and secure most points.

* We have heard that Grandma’s false teeth have been used for crimping in the past – we wouldn’t recommend it!!