Potato Pies

Potato pies? But it says the 2016 World MEAT Pie Championships?? Well, the Potato pie is a regional dish, popular in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Cumbria. And, the Potato Pie is the reason the competition was launched in the first place.

Of course anyone from our area who knows anything about Potato Pies know that they wouldn’t be at the top of a Vegetarian menu. They are of course Meat and Potato pies, but have been known right across the region for as long as anyone can remember simply as Potato Pies. Recipes vary even from town to town, but they consist mainly of potato and assorted vegetables (most commonly onion) with typically just less that 50% meat content.

There’s no hard and fast rule, not even for what type of meat is used. We’re going to leave that up to you, but the most popular is beef, followed by lamb.