Welcome to Piechamps, home of the World Meat Pie Championships 2020!

25 April 2020 – Town Square, Barnoldswick

A few words about the World Meat Pie Championships.

pie02First of all, and most importantly, It’s NOT a Meat Pie competition – at least, not exclusively! It’s actually open to any sort of pie, and open to amateurs and professionals alike, although in separate categories.

To explain the name, Barnoldswick needed something pretty exclusive to highlight the amazing range of food available in the town,  within the many diverse eating establishments, the shops and the market. We discovered that, while there had been many competitions for pies (including world championships of one sort or another) there had never been a specific World Meat Pie Championship – so we claimed it, and set up this site to verify that claim! It was always a little tongue in cheek, with MEAT and potato pies known locally as just POTATO pies, and it was always our intention to open it up to all-comers.

After a three year hiatus the World Meat Pie Championships  returned on the 15th of March 2019. Following a really successful initial launch 1n 2015, our second annual event formed part of Barnoldswick’s St George’s Day celebrations on the 23rd of April 2016. It remained a FREE competition, organised by the Town Centre Action Group in conjunction with Visit Barnoldswick, and was open to amateur home bakers and pie makers, with separate sections for professionals. Don’t be put off by the name, there’s much more to it than just meat pies, as you’ll discover when you scroll through the pages of our site. 

The inaugural event had exceeded all expectations, with plenty of excellent entries from both home bakers and professionals, and the next year we maintained  that initial momentum!

A sumptuous vegetarian pie!

The 2016 event was held in our towns Civic Hall, where we also hosted cookery demonstrations. For logistical reasons the competition was then put on hold for the next two years.

In 2019 we were due to be back on the Town Square in a marquee, as part of the Barnoldswick Festival of Food and Drink, but as it happened the weather was having none of it. After some hasty rejigging all of the food stalls squeezed into the marquee, and everything else was held in the Rainhall Centre in the town.

Despite everything the weather could throw at us it was a massive success, and has assured its return this year. Many thanks must go to the judges on the day – Mike Ward – a professional butcher of many years standing, and former president of more meat trades bodies than you could shake a leg at! Andy Ingram, former pastry chef at the Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey, and now a traffic cop (seen many times on Channel 5’s Police Interceptors series). Ross Lee, one of the founding group at Harrogate local radio station Stray FM and something of a pie connoisseur, and local couple Heather Sheldrick and Elaine Rose, who have an incredible talent for sniffing out the best vegetarian dishes. They had an extremely tough job on their hands but carried it off extremely professionally, for which we’re very grateful. Watch this space for news of this year’s event!